Working Model 2D

2D Dynamic Motion Simulation

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Working Model is the best selling motion simulation product in the world. Confirm your design with powerful analytical tools.

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  • Test multiple versions of your design
  • Fast “run-analyze-refine” cycle helps to optimize designs before building physical prototypes
  • Reduce physical prototyping
  • You are in total control of the simulation environment
  • Quickly build, run, and refine simulations with pre-defined objects and constraints
  • Run, stop, reset, single step, or pause the simulation at any time
  • Analyze your latest design by measuring force, torque, acceleration, etc. acting on any object
  • View output as vectors or in numbers and graphs in English or metric units
  • Import your 2D CAD drawings in DXF format
  • Input values from equations, sliders and DDE links to MATLAB and Excel
  • Simulate non-linear or user events using a built-in formula language
  • Design linkages with pin joints, slots, motors, springs, and dampers
  • Create bodies and specify its mass properties, initial velocity, electrostatic charge, etc.
  • Simulate contact, collisions, and friction
  • Analyze structures with flexible beams and shear and bending moment diagrams
  • Run or edit scripts to optimize simulations, document models, and more
  • Record simulation data and create graphs or AVI video files for playback
  • Create visually appealing presentations by attaching pictures

The world's most popular CAE tool, Working Model is a conceptual design tool that allows you to create simulations that replace vague, time consuming, inaccurate “back of the envelope” calculations. Working Model has been adopted by thousands of professional engineers to create and analyze real-life mechanical systems. It has been designed from the ground up to optimize performance on Microsoft Windows systems. Working Model includes automatic collision detection and responses for NURBS geometry. Our latest release also includes such popular scripts as Flexbeam, Shear and Bending Moment, and Pin Friction. These scripts have been customized to expand your use of Working Model.

At every stage in the product development cycle, Working Model lets you do more. What used to take days now takes hours, giving you more time to do the job, and saving your company money. In fact, many of our customers say that Working Model paid for itself the first time they used it.


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